A Shared Responsibility - Online Safety

October 15, 2018
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This October is the 15th annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) – a collaborative effort to promote national safety and security online. While all of the 2018 NCSAM Themes are great, this week's theme is especially important.

Week 3: It's Everyone's Job to Ensure Online Safety at Work

Week three is all about promoting workforce education, training, and awareness. Take a moment to check out some of three great NCSAM resources:

1) NCSAM Cyber Security for Small Business - Webinars

2) NCSAM Quick Wins - Infographic

3) NCSAM Cyber Security Awareness -Toolkit

"The lines between our work and daily lives are becoming increasingly blurred, and it is more important than ever to be certain that smart cyber security practices carry over between the two. When you are on the job – whether it’s at a corporate office, local restaurant, healthcare provider, academic institution or government agency – your organization’s online security is a shared responsibility."
- National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA)

It's easy to push all of the responsibility for cyber security onto IT professionals. Realistically that just won't cut it when 90% of all cyber claims stem from some type of employee error or behavior(1). Only through a combination of strong IT infrastructure, company policies, employee education, and proper insurance coverage, can a company truly protect themselves.

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Jacob Mosiman, Associate Partner


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(1) "2017 Cyber Risk Survey Report", Willis Towers Watson